I create colourful and atmospheric artwork inspired by the natural world. I work instinctively photographing, painting, drawing or creating a digital piece of art where I combine all these mediums. I keep experimenting until I have created what I pictured in my mind. 

I like to tell stories and the titles of my work like ‘No place like home’ and ‘Wish that I’d worn wellies’ link back to memories from my childhood. 

Landscapes are a key inspiration, if I spend time in a beautiful and often remote place, I will then want to make a picture that recreates what it felt like to be there.

Studio-9 (1).jpg

My husband Tom and I have a little boy Harris. We now live in a little village on top of the Mendips called Shipham and I divide my time between working as a freelance documentary photographer, being a Mum and creating and selling my pictures.

I hope you enjoy my artwork.

If you would like to read more about my work then do check this interview I did for SkyLightRain a few years ago.



P.S.  If you are curious about my photography then do click on the link below.